Elmer: the patchwork elephant

Age: Since 2 years old.
Elmer is the story of an elephant who was different to all the other elephants because he was patchwork and therefore lots of colours. Of course life being as it is Elmer did not want to be different, he wanted to be elephant colour like all the other elephants. the writer is David McKee
So one day he hatches a fabulous plan. He rolls around in berry juice and becomes elephant colour and finally one of the crowd. However life as a grey elephant is a little boring for Elmer and he finds out it isn’t that bad being different at all.
The book ends with Elmer giving all the elephants the biggest surprise of all which makes them laugh “as they never had before”. They decide to honor him with a parade each year where they decorate themselves to become colourful like him.
The moral of the story is be happy with who you are.
It has all the elements that a pre-schooler loves in a book.
  • Lots of elephants.
  • Lots of jungle animals.
  • A focus on colours.
  • Adventure and drama.
  • A simple yet involved story line.
  • A message.
In this web you can find the pictures about Elmer in spanish: http://eloviparo.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/elmer/  
You can find too a picture of Elmer in black and white for children to paint him.
In this video is that is on youtube and you can ear the story of Elmer in English, and you can see the subtitles in Spanish
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